This section contains seating plans for the Emirates Airbus A380 types

Four Class 

  • Four class ultra long range configured 14F 76J 56W 338M

Three Class

  • Type 38L version 1* (ultra long range) configured 14F 76J 399M
  • Type 38L version 2* (ultra long range) configured 14F 76J 401M
  • Type 38M version 1* (mid range) configured 14F 76J 427M
  • Type 38M version 2* (mid range) configured 14F 76J 429M
  • Type 38M version 3^ (mid range) configured 14F 76J 426M

Two Class

  • Two class mid range configured 58J 557M

* the differences between the version 1 and 2 cabin arrangements occur in the rear Economy Cabin (seats 80ABC to 88ABC, and 80HJK to 88HJK). In order to accommodate two additional seats (80A and 80K) in the version 2 layouts, the window side seat rakes are positioned further back towards the rear doors

^ the main differences between the 38M versions 2 and 3 are present on the main deck in the mid economy cabin. On board the v3, the port side galley is larger resulting in 53ABC being the bulkhead row. Towards the rear of the same cabin, a lavatory is swapped from the starboard to port side

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