Up-to-date detailed seat maps of the combined LATAM fleet

The wide bodies

LATAM has a total of nine Boeing 767-300ERs spilt between its Brasil and Chile subsidiaries. The latest variant was introduced in 2018 and configured 20J.

LATAM has a total of ten Boeing 777-300ERs assigned to its Brasil subsidiary. The latest variant introduced in 2018 is configured 38J 372M and features refurbished cabins across all classes. Finally, there are twenty-nine Boeing 787 Dreamliners assigned to the Chile and Brasil subsidiaries.

The narrow bodies

The Airbus A319s and A320s are the workhorses of LATAM's South American operations and are allocated to all of the companie's South American subsidiaries. There are also forty-nine Airbus A321s spilt between the Brasil and Chile subsidiaries, plus an order for seventeen A321neos

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