JetBlue Airways
Up-to-date detailed seat maps of the JetBlue fleet

The fleet

JetBlue operates a fleet of seven Airbus A220-300 plus one-hundred-and-thirty Airbus A320 aircraft, and sixty Embraer 190 single class aircraft

The Airbus A321 fleet, comprising of eighty-four frames includes a small sub-fleet of A321neo long range aircraft used on transatlantic services

There are five configurations of the A321 in operation:
Type 321: A321ceo (200M) all economy
Type 32S: A321ceo (16C 143M) featuring the original Mint iteration
Type 3N1: A321neo (200) all economy
Type 3NS: A321neo (16C 144M) long range domestic configuration featuring the latest Mint Suites
Type 3NL: A321neo (24J 114M) long range transatlantic configuration, also featuring the latest Mint Suites

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