Air France
Up-to-date detailed seat maps of the combined Air France and HOP fleet

The wide bodies

Air France has a fleet of 109 wide body aircraft consisting of the Airbus A330, A350, plus variants of the Boeing 777 and 787 families.

Note, there are two refurbishment programmes underway at the moment. The first involves the 'NEV4' three class 777-300ERs which are being converted to the 48J 48W 273M configuration. This roll-out is now approaching completion. The second involves the 777-200ERs which are receiving a convertion to a standard 28J 32W 268M configuration

The narrow bodies

Air France also operates an extensive number of narrow-bodied aircraft, comprising the Airbus A220, plus A320 family. Note, there are generally two configurations of each aircraft type: the Euro and Métro. The latter type while purposed for Metropolitan France and Corsica routes is interchangable with the Euro subfleet


Air France's regional arm, HOP operates a fleet of Embraer regional jets

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