What's on the drawing board?

updated: 13 November 2022

Many thanks to those of you who have contacted us with suggestions, fleet updates, and corrections. The chart below indicates what airlines are currently online on AeroLOPA as well as those we have in production. Our work on LATAM is currently paused as we just do not have sufficient information to produce accurate seat maps so if you are in a position to assist us, we'd appreciate your help

What's on the drawing board?

updated: 14 August 2022

AeroLOPA's mission is to create and share detailed seat diagrams that are as easy to access and read on a mobile phone as they are on a desktop computer. What they do not do is tell you is where the best seats are, rather our aim is to provide all the necessary information you will need to make your own informed decision.

The creative process starts with a technical blueprint of each aircraft type. Factory standard galley, washroom, storage units are inserted, then the cabins are populated with seats and carefully space planned. It sounds simple, but to ensure accuracy scores of photos are scrutinised, cabin videos closely studied allowing seat positions to be spot checked and adjusted as necessary. The diagrams are then fine tuned and annotated before being signed off for publication.

We get a lot a questions about what airlines we plan to cover in the future. We have several airlines on the "drawing board" at the moment. Aegean Airlines, Aeroméxico, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Eva Air, Korean Air, Royal Air Maroc, and Royal Jordanian are recent additions and we plan to add Icelandair and WestJet plus offer a completed set of oneworld, Sky Team, and Star Alliance portfolios in the very near future.

As to the active workflows in the drawing office, Singapore Airlines is now in an advanced stage with just the 777-300ER to go. Many thanks to Andrew at mainlymiles.com for his valuable assistance with the SIA proof reads. Air New Zealand and WestJet seat maps are in production. We are also poised to examine the forthcoming Delta A321 LR and Virgin A330neo so we can convert our draft layouts into publishable diagrams.

Regrettably, our set of Comair BA franchise Boeing 737 seat maps will never see the light of day. Sadly the airline was placed into liquidation in June 2022. Our thoughts are with the fabulous Comair staff community at this difficult time.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those industry insiders who have very kindly contacted us and for their generosity in helping us develop seat maps, most notably involving the Air France, Ryanair, SWISS, and Wizz Air portfolios.

Enjoy and do please let us know what's working plus any areas you think need attention.

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