American Airlines
Up-to-date detailed seat maps of the combined American Airlines and American Eagle fleet

The wide bodies

American Airlines has a fleet of 166 wide body aircraft consisting of variants of the Boeing 777 and 787 families

The narrow bodies

Over 80% of American Airlines' aircraft are narrow-bodies, comprising both Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families

From 2018, the airline embarked on a fleet harmonisation programme, codenamed Project Oasis, introduced to standardised cabin layouts for each of the Airbus and Boeing sub fleets. As of summer 2023, this process was largely completed although the embodiment of the Airbus A319 did pause with just one aircraft receiving the Oasis conversion

American Eagle

The regional brand of American Airlines, under which several individual regional airlines operate short and medium haul feeder flights

Historic seat maps

In this portfolio, we have assembled a small selection of seat maps depicting dear departed members of the American Airlines' fleet

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